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Contested Probate

At times of stress and heightened emotion, it's reassuring to have an expert on your side. 

Dealing with disputes over inheritance, or challenging a Will, frequently takes place at a time of bereavement or emotional stress. The right advice at the right time can provide guidance and clarity at a difficult time.

Our probate and contested wills solicitors will help you sensitively and clearly manage the process and the issues that arise when a will is contested. Our solicitors will work with you to ensure that the distribution of the estate is as it should be.

We also have experience helping with:

  • Intestacy - which is when the deceased has not left a will. Our team understand how to approach this situation and will help guide you through the process
  • Concerns about the way an elderly or vulnerable person may be being influenced or manipulated when making a will. We have specific expertise in this area and can advise you, and if necessary, act for the vulnerable individual to ensure that their interests are protected and their wishes respected.

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